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Radon Testing

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Welcome to Midwest Indoor Air Quality, your trusted provider of professional radon testing services in Ankeny, IA. Radon, a colorless and odorless radioactive soil gas, poses a significant health risk as Iowa has the highest rates of radon in the country, with 70% of homes being elevated or radon. It is crucial to test for radon to ensure the safety of your home, workplace, or school.

radon testing ankeny ia

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According to the Iowa Radon Survey, the state has the highest percentage of households (71.6%) above the US Environmental Protection Agency’s action limit of 4.0 pCi/L. Even at this level, the lung cancer risk is equivalent to that of an 8+ cigarettes per day smoker. Testing for radon is affordable and easily avoidable, but it is essential to know if your property is at risk.

At Midwest Indoor Air Quality, we are experts in radon testing, including radon home inspections. We understand the severity of the radon issue and its impact on lung cancer risk, especially for individuals with a history of smoking or a family history of lung cancer. Even young people can develop radon-induced lung cancer, making testing critical, particularly if there are family members residing in basement bedrooms.

We are proud to be Iowa’s school radon testing experts, with a decade of experience in testing Iowa schools. We provide consultation on Radon Action Plans, corrective guidance, and cooperation with school facilities directors and staff to ensure proper mitigation measures. Many companies may claim to conduct school radon testing, but we adhere to protocols and guidelines to protect our schools effectively. Protecting Iowa’s children and teachers is one of our top priorities, and we have established long-standing partnerships with some of the best school districts in Iowa.

We also offer discounted rates for non-profit and church-sponsored daycare and preschool facilities, as well as private Christian schools, recognizing the importance of radon testing in these environments.

At Midwest Indoor Air Quality, we prioritize your health and safety. Give us a call today to discuss radon testing in your home or school. Trust us to provide accurate radon testing services, expert guidance, and peace of mind in Ankeny, IA.