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Mold Testing

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Call the foremost mold expert in the Midwest. We are based in Ankeny, IA and proudly service all of Iowa.

Welcome to Midwest Indoor Air Quality, one of the leading mold testing companies in Ankeny, IA. With over 10 years of expertise, we provide sound science, investigative practices, and state-of-the-art mold detection technologies to assess mold and other biohazards in your home, school, or workplace. We believe that while mold testing is crucial, it is just one piece of the puzzle in understanding how mold affects your health and well-being.

mold testing ankeny ia

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You can receive a high-quality outcome with the help of our superior mold testing services.

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Unlike mold remediation and restoration companies that may have a conflict of interest, we offer unbiased mold testing services. Our in-depth mold inspections and testing are conducted by Tanner Francisco, a renowned biologist and environmental hygienist, recognized as the foremost mold expert in the Midwest. With a focus on integrity and qualifications, we stand above other mold testing businesses across Iowa.

Our comprehensive mold inspections and testing go beyond simply identifying mold. We strive to identify the cause or source of the mold and accurately assess the potential mold hazard and its impact on your health. With a track record of assisting numerous individuals suffering from mold-related illnesses and identifying the causes of mystery illnesses, we bring real experience and expertise to every inspection. We have inspected over 3500 homes and buildings, ensuring thorough evaluations of mold and other environmental hazards.

Additionally, we provide 3rd party clearance testing for mold remediation projects, including reinspection and certified clearance tests. This documentation allows your mold remediator to confidently warranty their work and enables you to sell your home without concerns over mold disclosures. In case a home fails the initial clearance test, we are ready to assist your remediators in determining the necessary measures for successful remediation. Many states regulating mold require 3rd party clearance testing for all mold remediation projects, and we offer competitive rates and unmatched experience for mold remediation professionals in need of this service.

Choose Midwest Indoor Air Quality for reliable mold testing services backed by expertise, integrity, and real-world experience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure a healthy environment for you and your loved ones in and around Ankeny, IA.