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Started by the family in 2001, Midwest Indoor Air Quality is now owned and operated by Tanner Francisco. Formerly a research biologist, Tanner has put his diverse scientific background to use serving the community for the last 12 years as a mold, environmental hygiene, and indoor air quality expert. Tanner holds certifications and licenses in mold, radon, chemical, and asbestos inspection and testing. We are also the foremost experts on school radon testing in Iowa screening our children’s and teachers schools for cancer causing radon gas.Residing in Ankeny, Iowa with his wife and two kids, Tanner is dedicated to using his unique expertise to help people improve their indoor air environment by getting to the root cause of what is making them sick in their home, schools, and workplaces. As a Christian business owner, he believes honesty and transparency are essential and will take the time to help you understand and remedy the mold or other health concerns in your home.Every home, building, and person’s health and situation is different requiring an informed and unique approach to determine what types of testing would be beneficial.

Tanner will work alongside you to come up with the best plan for your needs that will be the most cost efficient. Through a thorough inspection, he will identify areas of concern such as conditions conducive to mold growth. Depending onthe type of testing, samples are submitted to different nationally accredited and certified third-party laboratories with most results are available within 1-2 business days. Tanner will give a clear and detailed analysis of your results and provide you with guidance on how to remedy it yourself or by putting you in touch with trusted, reputable professional remediators and/or contractors.Your indoor environment is essential to your health and wellbeing. Contact Midwest Indoor Air Quality today!

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“Midwest Indoor Air Quality is committed to honest, unbiased, quality service to Iowans by providing them valuable information to make the best decisions for their families and homes and recommend practical and affordable solutions for their indoor environmental issues and health concerns. We are a Christian small business serving every client with compassion, respect, and integ

We take a specific approach to your indoor environment by performing a home evaluation and identifying areas of concern, such as visible signs of mold or moisture. We test only if needed and provide a clear, understandable solution to your mold and other indoor air quality issues. We focus on discovering if a problem exists and then providing a coherent explanation.

We believe that honesty and transparency are essential, and we want to help you understand your mold and other indoor air quality issues without any exaggerated claims or false promises. As Christian business owners, we know the importance of living the love of Jesus Christ and being a good steward of our resources. We want to help you figure out how/why your house is making you or your children sick and try to save you money by either teaching you healthy habits or putting you in touch with honest, reputable professional remediators and contractors to fix the problem if necessary.

Midwest Indoor Air Quality LLC strives to provide fantastic air quality services while staying true to our values and beliefs. We understand that our clients come to us seeking answers and help, and we are committed to serving them with honesty, integrity, and respect.